Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The surgery is scheduled

I just received confirmation on the date of the surgery. My first surgery is set for July 2nd where they will insert the balloon and my second surgery for August 10th where they will extract it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

How it began...

It all began at our first trimester screening at 10 weeks gestation. The ultrasound revealed something unexpected. There was fluid behind the baby's neck known as Cystic Hygroma. The Perinatologist explained that this can sometimes be an indication of a genetic abnormality and suggested we get a CVS test. So, at 13 weeks we went in for my CVS ultrasound and were happy to hear that the Cystic Hygroma had resolved itself. Unfortunately, they found something much worse, a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). He explained to us what CDH was and told us that because it was detected so early in the pregnancy, the prognosis was very poor. Following the procedure, we spoke with a genetics counselor who explained in detail what CDH was and what our options were. She suggested we wait for the results of the CVS test and go from there. So, we waited. After a week, the results were in. We were happy to here that the chromosomes were normal. We went in for another ultrasound at about 15 weeks to check for any other abnormalities. They didn't find any other abnormalities and determined that the CDH was isolated. Again we spoke with our counselor and she told us about an experimental procedure known as Tracheal Occlusion that is being done at UCSF's Fetal Treatment Center. We decided that's what we wanted to do. So, at 19 weeks we went to UCSF for an ultrasound to see if our case was severe enough to qualify for the surgery and it was. The stomach, intestines and part of the liver had herniated into the chest cavity and the LHR (Lung Head Ratio) was a low .6. Unfortunately, the amniotic fluid was also a little low. They said if the fluid dropped any lower, they would not be able perform the surgery. So, the waiting game continued. We were to have another ultrasound at 22 weeks to check the fluid. Luckily, the fluid increased to a normal range and they agreed to do the surgery. Now here we are at 24 weeks and we just returned from another appointment at UCSF. We toured the intensive care nursery and met with the pediatric surgeon. The surgery is scheduled for early July and all we can do now is wait and pray for a miracle.