Monday, September 28, 2009

Another Rough Night

They had another rough night trying to keep him stable. They want to try one more drug to stablize him called Flowlan. There are some risks involved with the drug but they feel it's worth trying because they're running out of options.

Sorry this is so short...i really don't have the energy to write more. Please, PLEASE continue to pray for him..

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  1. Sorry to hear he is having a rough time. Hope he stabilises asap.

  2. Fight Vincent fight!! Thinking of you, and I hope that this drug works.

  3. We are all sending love and energy to Vincent. Hang in there little guy! You can beat this!

    Diane, Nikki & Furkids

  4. I've been following CDH stories and came accross your link today. I am sorry to hear that baby Vincent had a rough night. I am praying for him to stabilise as soon as possible. I also live in SJ... let me know if there is anything i can help.


  5. I personally know how hard this is for you guys. DO NOT lose hope. You are in great hands and things can change for the better in an instant! We are praying for all 3 of you, but especially for Vincent to FIGHT!!!!

  6. Keep fighting and don't give up!!!! We are praying hard and sending you all our love and support! We can be there in an instant if you need us!

    Fight, Vincent, FIGHT!!! You can do it!!!!

  7. Fight Vincent! We are praying for you.

  8. Greg and Carolyn DaviesOctober 2, 2009 at 4:45 PM

    Celsea and Bob,

    We can't imagine how difficult and painful this whole experience has been for you. You have been in our prayers for months now. We are so sorry to hear that Vincent passed this morning. He gave it a very brave try. God obviously has other plans for him. He is at peace. God bless you both.